Jewelry Cleaning and Servicing

Regular jewelry cleaning and inspection is important!

Inspection includes scanning for gemstone security, condition of the prongs, cracks in the metal, side gallery, shank condition, and more.

Prongs and channel walls are particularly important to check because that is what is holding your diamonds and gemstones in the ring and that part of your ring is what comes in contact with things first. 

Did you know that items such as paper and linen when in contact wear the metal ever so slightly?  Think about that for a minute, if you sleep in your jewelry items as you toss and turn you are losing some of the metal on your jewelry. 

We identify any worn or missing metal, prongs that need to be re-tipped or replaced and circumstances where the entire head needs to be replaced. 

Ring sizing whether larger or smaller, we have you covered.  Most ladies rings are made in a size 6 and men’s rings in a size 10. 

It is very common to have your ring sized over a period of years of your life. Sizing at Cassio Creations includes stone tightening, cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating if it is white gold. 

Rhodium plating is an actual electro-plating process for any white gold jewelry item and sometimes even silver jewelry items (it will keep it from tarnishing as quickly).

White gold is pure gold with alloys mixed in to beach out the yellow color in gold.

When polished, it has a slight yellow hue to the metal; it is then electroplated with Rhodium (a sister metal of platinum) to give the jewelry that nice, crisp, chrome-y color. 

Rhodium plating does wear off as the item is worn; again, encountering paper, linen and hand sanitizer.  It can be remedied and this is a service we provide as well.  A clean, polished and rhodium plating, will restore your jewelry like new or even better!

Diamond and gemstone bracelet inspection is critical to the life of your piece.

We check every diamond or gemstone, the prongs on each gem, every single hinge in the bracelet, the tongue of the clasp and if its working properly, and any safety chain or safety clasp that is on the bracelet. 

All of these components are instrumental in the wear ability of the bracelet could have possible issues, resulting from normal wear and tear.  Some repairs that may be required for bracelets hinge repair, replacement, adding a safety chain or mechanism on an existing bracelet.

Pendants and chains are equally important pieces to regularly inspect. 

We look at the chain, the chain length (often times, when a chain snags on something and breaks, the chain itself will stretch), the chain links, the bail of the pendant (this is where the chain feeds through the pendant and sometimes, the chain creates a sawing action and wears the inside of the bail down), the security of any gems or diamonds,

Services offered for necklaces, pendants, and enhancers are repair breaks in a chain, re-braiding a chain, supplying and setting of missing diamonds or gems, replacing prongs and rebuilding, repairing or replacing the bail.

Pearls are another of nature’s treasures. 

Pearl strands and bracelets are strung on a silk cord and can be knotted between each one or have no knots, however; knotting between pearls or beads protect the pearls from rubbing against one another and damaging them  Over time, the silk cord wears out, normally near the clasp (it gets the most wear and tear).  Pearls are very delicate, and need to be protected from of perfumes and cosmetics. 

Your standard jewelry cleaner is too harsh for softer gems like pearls, emeralds, opals, any organic gems, tanzanites, tsavorite garnets, etc.

To clean pearls and beads, use a soft damp cloth but try not to get the silk cord wet; it will stretch and leave a gap in your strand or bracelet. If your pearls need restringing, we can carefully clean and restring your pearls on site.

We can also match pearls, repair pearl earrings and rings as well.