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The Custom Design process takes you on a journey where you watch a marvelous design come to life. Cassio’s uses the lost wax casting method, so that you are able to see the design in wax form before your creation is made. We utilize a computer-aided-drafting program as well as hand carving. Cassio Creations uses only the finest quality gems and metals in the making of your custom creation.

Diamond Cut & Shape


The round brilliant cut will always be the most popular and classic shape. The round diamond is beloved for its unmatched brilliance and beauty.


Edgy yet still delicate, the princess cut is perfect for the trendy girl. It also has intense sparkle and looks good in just about every setting.


Oval diamonds are great for those who want to stand out a little. They look larger than round diamonds and also make a woman’s finger seem longer and more slender.


Who else but for the hardcore romantics? A heart shaped diamond is best set as a solitaire to speak for itself.


The ultimate vintage cut, an emerald diamond exudes old-world glamour. Unlike the multi-faceted brilliant cuts, this step-cut diamond isn’t known for sparkle, and should be enjoyed for its luster and clarity instead.


Also known as the teardrop diamond, the pear cut is a cross between the round and marquise. It’s a unique, beautiful cut that looks especially good in a halo setting.


The asscher diamond can be seen as a 21st-century update to the emerald. It’s square-shaped and more sparkly. Ideal for the girl with vintage tastes, but also with modern flair.


This “pillow cut” has softly rounded edges for a romantic look. Cushion cut is quickly becoming one of the most popular cuts and looks good in a lot of settings. Though one thing to note is that it’s not as brilliant as other cuts.


Combining the best of a few cuts, the radiant diamond exhibits fierce sparkle. Because of its cropped corners, it’s also a good choice for active girls who prefer a square or rectangular shaped diamond.